Our Game Processing Services

Utah Game Processing Services provided by Wild West Jerky and Game Processing. We offer quality experience and dedication with every piece of game we cut and deliver. Our experience expands over two decades in game processing.

Utah Game Processing Services Offered

Cutting and Wrapping Game Services:  Utah Game Processing services provided by Wild West Jerky includes Cut And Wrap Services. We offer the availability to cut and wrap elk, venison/deer, antelope, buffalo, bobcat, bear, wild boar and a variety of other choice wild game. We also offer a Skinning Service.

We are located in Central Utah just southeast of Nephi in Levan Utah.

We offer Elk/Deer cut and wrap – We do a boneless cut and wrap. We also offer stew meat cuts and Jerky Meats Per Pound.

Salami or Elkeroni

*Beef – Pork – Lamb – Domestic Animals – Coming Soon in Nephi Utah and Fillmore Utah.

Wild West Jerky is quickly becoming Utah’s go-to game processor for hunters during the seasons of glory. Our devotion to maintaining a reputation for the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and absolute professionalism is our Game Processing Focus here at Wild West Jerky.

Schedule your wild game with Wild West Jerky to be processed in our wild game processing facility. Call us today to schedule your game processing at (801) 638-6880 or at shop at (435) 623-0460.

OUR GUARANTEE: The meat you bring us is the same meat you carry home, NO POOLING!